1) Why do I have to pay the convenience fee?

The Convenience fees is basically an Internet handling fee which is charged to provide customers the comfort to book the desired Service on the click of a tab. 

We change reasonable amount ensuring the best booking experience.

2) How much Convenience Fees will I have to Pay?


We charge convenience fees per Service basis, depending upon the cost of Service. These are the slabs of fee structure. 

Basic Transaction Amount per service

User Fee

Up to Rs. 500 

Rs. 20

Rs. 501 to Rs. 1,500

Rs. 40

Rs. 1,501 to Rs. 4,000

Rs. 60

Rs. 4,001 to Rs. 10,000

Rs. 125

Rs. 10,001 and above

Rs. 200


If a customer purchases two different services for self or for two person of Rs. 600 each, then he will be charged Rs. 40 x 2 = Rs. 80.


3) Is Convenience Fees Refundable if I cancel my Booking?


Yes, Convenience fees is fully refunded if you cancel booking 2 hours prior the appointment time or as per the cancellation policy. Give link


4) Can Convenience Fees be Waived Off?


No, It can not be waved off though You can Become our Fest Member to avail the benefit of Zero Convenience fees and much more.